Our Disneyland Trip 2018

One week later and I feel like we are still trying to wind down from the most exhausting, exciting, truly amazing trip to Disneyland!

This blog is not about tips and tricks for seeing all things Mouse related, but I will say use the Disneyland Crowd Calender to see when the best time to visit is, download the Disneyland app, and definitely, definitely pay $10 extra per person per day to get the Fast Pass Max. Disneyland can get expensive, but that $10 will definitely be the most worthwhile money you spend there. Yes, more worthwhile than churro money. You have my guarantee.

We ended up park hopping both days, doing Storyteller’s Cafe breakfast (a must!), and riding every ride we wanted to (It makes me sick to my stomach to tell you that Benjamin rode Guardians of the Galaxy three times. Shout out to my trooper of a husband.)

Here’s just a glimpse of our time with our favorite Mouse!

2018-11-06 023861199040847571960..jpg2018-11-07 102645524455761868612..jpg2018-11-06 025471261540786534636..jpg2018-11-07 102684146693839604128..jpg2018-11-07 108194906306084111780..jpg2018-11-05 105606490404156501880..jpg2018-11-13 098920647498093606923..jpg2018-11-06 024629039270423873084..jpg2018-11-06 024160738787021638336..jpg2018-11-05 116409675623793862224..jpg2018-11-06 026578759531898083000..jpg2018-11-07 105843993532152040058..jpgthe only picture Mark and I were able to snag while our kids with the grandparents picking out toys!2018-11-13 09954623882912966593..jpg2018-11-06 091403198274598113704..jpg


One thought on “Our Disneyland Trip 2018”

  1. I loooove the video! Disneyland is so fun… you two made it look like a breeze and nothing but sunshine and laughs! What you are teaching Ben and Brooklyn is something unforgettable! Keep on keepin on you two! There’s no rule book on parenting but from all that love in that video you are doing it right! 😍😍


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