Who-Made-This? Shrimp Cocktail

We should get this out of the way now.. my husband and I love to cook. He’s modest and won’t admit it, but he’s probably better than me. However, if I do have the upper hand on him, it is all thanks to this recipe.

I don’t mean to float my own (shrimp) boat, but no matter where I bring this shrimp cocktail, it’s a party favorite and I’m always asked multiple times for the recipe. The best part about it? It’s SO easy– it can be made in 10 minutes and will cost you about $10! Bet it’s your party favorite too now, huh?. Recipe below.

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - Blog

You will need:

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - Blog-2Ready for the hard part? Pour the cocktail sauce & shrimp into a bowl. Finely dice the onions (as shown above) and roughly chop the cilantro. Add them to the bowl as well, juice one whole lime, and add salt and pepper to taste. Let it chill in the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips. THAT’S IT. It is really that easy. Now go enjoy the extra hour you saved yourself by kicking your feet up with a nice glass of wine (or an Arnold Palmer with vodka like my adorable husband made me when he snapped the photo below.) Oh, and get ready to answer the question “Who made this shrimp cocktail?” a hundred times when you show up to the party. Enjoy!

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - Blog-3

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - Blog-5
*This recipe is kid approved.

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2 thoughts on “Who-Made-This? Shrimp Cocktail”

  1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 on your Blog! And thanks for
    sharing your shrimp appetizer recipe! Easy and Delicious — that’s the way I like it 🎵–uh huh uh huh🎵 (lol)❣️😋


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